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My review about this Movie : :
The Story
This story is about journey, journey to around the world by 80 days. …..Of course you all know that, you can read the title aren't you? How silly am I. Let's start by other way. Once upon a time there is ……, stop that this isn't fairy tale, this is an adventure film with full of action, an awesome movie. Never-forgotten movie and written by legendary writer. Who is the writer? Jules Verne, you don't know him? I know him since I was a kid. I already read some comics book based on his novel. He is an excellent writer. Besides Jules Verne, there is other aspect that makes this movie so entertaining. The other aspect is Jacky Chan, played as Passpertout. Am I right to write Passpertout?
So the main story is a journey to around the world in 80 days. Who is the journeyman? They are Pilleas Fogg, Passpertout and Miss Monique; a scientist, a kung fu master and an artist. Can you imagine this kind of combination? Lot's of crazy this around.

The Action
Man of action, you can refer that to Jacky Chan. Do you want to see any action? Seek Jacky Chan, the number one, il numero uno action actor. He combines his martial arts skill with comedy, very entertaining. Jacky Chan is a master of kung fu, not only in the movie, in the real life too. He is a master of kung fu, like other actors based from Hong Kong film industry. And I think he is the center on this film. The other aspects are good, but Jacky Chan makes all the aspect more perfect. In this movie, Jacky Chan rocks! How about Philleas Fogg and Miss Monique? The do action too, but not in fighting, but in other aspect. Their combination makes this movie so lively. Oh yeah, I must remind you, Jacky Chan never use a stuntman, he always do all his action by himself. Need real action? Seek Jacky Chan movies, that is my motto, how about you?

The Adventure
In this section I will also explain about my review title.
I already mention in my first section that this movie was made based on Julius Verne. And he is good when he write about adventure; this is absolutely a guarantee for an adventure movie. All-in-one adventure, every aspect in adventure movie you can get it in here. Why I said like that? Let's checks about that. Their journey begin from London, when Philleas Fogg meet with Passepartout and Miss Monique, after Passepartout robbing Bank of England they start their journey. From London to Paris, and from Paris to Turkey. In here they meet Prince Hapi, just replace i with p and y, so you got happy. And how about the Terminator? Prince Hapi is Arnold Schwarzenegger and here we go, Mr. Terminator become Mr. Happy, Am I right?
After they meet Prince Hapi they continue they journey to India, than go to China. In here they meet Wong Fei Hung the famous Chinese hero with his students the Ten Tigers, including Passepartout. Wong Fei Hung in reality is a real hero, and he is not the Ten Tiger teacher. Wong Fei Hung father was one of the Ten Tiger. Never mind, this is a fantasy movie.
After their adventure in China, they continue their journey to the Pacific Ocean and reach San Fransisco. In here Philleas Fogg meet with a lunatic beggar cast by Rob Schneider. After that they continue they journey through Death Valley, in here they meet Wright brothers the airplane inventor, what a coincidence. Never mind, this is a fantasy film. Then they arrive in New York than sailing to London. Here after the dead wind they make an airplane to continue their journey. I think Philleas Fogg has a good memory, he look at Wright brothers' blueprint once when they meet. Then he makes one. After they finished their airplane with the ship crew help, they flew to London to fulfill their journey. They arrived safely in London, and the Adventure is over.

Overall this is a good movie, a must-watch-movie, a never-forgotten-movie, an all-in-one-adventure-movie. I feel really excited by this movie, makes me energize after watching Jacky Chan action, feels inspire by Philleas invention, and feel relief by watching Monique. A lots of laughing too, watching their action. Yeah, you really have to watch this movie. Try this and you never forget this.
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