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My review about this Movie : :
"The Forbidden Kingdom" is an American material arts adventure film from "lionsgate" and "the Weinstein company" directed by Rob Minkoff. It is the first film to star together two of the best known names in "the material arts film genre, Jackie Chan and Jet Li. The action sequences were choreographed bye Yuen Woo Ping.
The Forbidden kingdon grossed a total of $128,451,159 worldwide- $52,075,270 in the United States and $76,375,889 in other territories. In the opening weekened in United States and Canada the film grossed $21,401,121 in 3,151 theaters ranking #1 at the box office opening weekend and the averaging $6,792 per theater.
Jackie Chan and Jet Li, both have done great work in the movie. I liked this movie a lot.
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