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I watched the Robin-B-Hood movie it was an excellent movie to watch starring Jackie Chan and Louis Koo. Jackie loves to gamble in the movie so he owes alot of money in debt so he decides to kidnap a baby with his friend Louis and his buddies. They kidnap the baby when he is asleep in the house and he puts the baby in a bag and ties him up. Jackie and Louis and his friends take the baby home this is the part that I enjoyed watching Jackie and Louis don't have any baby accessories so they both go shopping together. Jackie and Louis go to buy diapers, baby formulas and etc which is pretty funny for two guys. Jackie and Louis don't even know how to change the baby's diaper which is pretty funny which I enjoy. Jackie and Louis and his friends have alot of excitement and action in this movie I strongly recommend this movie to Jackie Chan and Louis Koo fans who love a funny comedy about guys kidnapping a baby and also having fun with the baby with tons of excitement in the everyone can enjoy it.
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