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My Review about this Game :
on the PC version of this game will have a "feedback training system" which is a concept that the same applied to the game that bergenre Pet Simulation Game, the game Black & White series. As in the game, you will be able to give lessons of positive and negative to your pet. So, if they do things that are not good, you can stop the carpet so that he and not repeat the act again jeleknya. You can also praise them when they do positive things so that they continue to maintain this behavior.
In addition, you can also mengdopsi one of the pets with new ways of adopting a local animal shelter or in another way, that is to receive from the neighbors who want to give favor

As I said before, they also have the withdrawal human life. So, your pet will also have children, although in fact not be how to work the system. But, most likely to have descendants on the pet, you must click on one of the pet to do some trick or romantic scenes. And, if you do not want the results of the descendants of your pet, such as children or children cat dog, you can give it to neighbors or to give to local animal shelter to be adopted by other people.
Your pet is not only as your faithful friend, but they can also generate money for the family. Because, they will also be able to mejalani career sims such as the withdrawal. Get a career that they are also different - kind of, among Showbiz, Security (a watchdog), and so forth.

Not only animals are dogs and cats that are on the expansion pack is. But other animals, such as birds, goldfish, hamster, and others - can also be by you. Unfortunately, some pets can not be displayed with the maximum, such as hamster and goldfish, where they will spend his life in jail and a glass aquarium. But you also can still get some entertainment from them also.

Like the previous series, there will be a maximum of family members in a household, with a total maximum is 10 members of the family who can be held. So, you will need to combine in accordance with your wishes, for example 8 with the sims 2 pets sims with 4 or 6 pets in a household. But do not worry, there will also be preferred to get the maximum limit in a household.
New Tool & Item
Unfortunately, in this expansion pack will not have a new area or special area for your pet, such as that found in the Night Life expansion pack to the Downtown area and its expansion pack Open For Business with the Shopping Center area. But you do not disappointed, because there will be some new additions to the Build and Buy mode to cover your disappointment. Objects and new items you can buy for your home mendekorasikan, such as windows, doors, wallpaper, floors, fences, phones, TV, lights, Chairs, benches, beds, pet home, pillows, bowls, litter boxes, one set of toys , and many more, and more generally focus on the needs of your pets.

While for the Build mode, there are some new tools, such as you can make a diagonal roof manually on the expansion pack, but I have the option to automatically removed. By doing so, put in the roof and wall will be neat and players also are required to increase the creativity in designing the roof.
Another tool that is laying the floor, which now can be played using the keyboard keys, (comma) and. (period) only. That way, you can mevariasikan color - the color to get a new color variations on the floor and can also increase your creativity in designing the floor.

Not only until there are, a new tool will also be present, which functions as demolish. So, you will be able to remove the wall with wallpaper and window or door is still stick to, so you can save your time. In addition to the walls, objects or other items can also be removed and sold, such as a table with a set of PC and a flower pot can also be sold above all, with just using this tool with one click only.
Overall, this expansion pack is owned by the mandatory gamer particularly heavy Pengemar game The Sims series, the addition of the pet as a companion virtual world, Maxis also includes a myriad of new features and additional increase in the quality of the game The Sims 2 is. So, be prepared for this expansion pack will be coming soon in October this year.

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