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My review about this Movie : :
Director:Gordon Chan

Starring:Jackie Chan, Lee Evans, Claire Forlani, Julian Sands, John Rhys-Davies,.

The whole story has a magical color, are action films with a combination of supernatural films.After all, age has been a big Jackie Chan, in the Medallion, Jackie Chan had to use special effects. Consistent with their own things to do Jackie Chan has gone ...
The 300 million Hong Kong dollar cost of the expensive production of the film, not a good box office showing.
To say the story of the film, the largest of which is a feature of Jackie Chan in the film should be a "sacrifice", which Jackie Chan the movie is a rare act in his principle, a back-breaking cases, but is "resurrected", so it appears that is not complete.

Woman beaten by Jackie Chan ?
Is not surprising that Jackie Chan was beaten, beaten on the face are relatively rare, and is beaten twice, but all do not fight back.Jackie Chan's respect for women.

Overall, the film did not the previous style of Jackie Chan, but Chan is as much as possible to try the. Friends like Jackie Chan is still worthwhile to see.

Jackie Chan hopes to make a better future so that everyone enjoy the film!
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