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Tucker's black comedy stars speak increasing familiar with Jackie Chan on the action efforts to enable a sense of film is full of comedy. The first one to face the challenges posed by the success, they sincerely hope that more enjoyment out of filming a sequel, Jackie Chan has designed many new and unprecedented special action. In this film the yard, Tucker speak of the increase, unlike the first one talking about Jackie Chan's martial arts are also greatly improved, more dangerous look good, both to me to you, great funny lines. In addition, the big Hollywood-style action scenes, Jackie Chan Funny fighting style plot, really simmer with laughter.
The story of the plot, the Hong Kong police inspector Lee (Jackie Chan ornaments, Jackie Chan) and detective James Los Angeles, United States - Jimmy Carter (James Carter, Christopher - played Tucker, Chris Tucker) to Hong Kong for vacation. Carter was expected to carry with a Chinese-English dictionary, to enjoy some of the long-awaited vacation, a taste of this exotic city. However, one dedicated police inspector Lee loyal to duty, continue to "torture" of Jimmy Carter
this movie is so cool.I liked it.
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