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Rush hour 3
Plot synopsis: the Los Angeles city 12.oh detective James carter (Chris tucker) and kung fu "of Hong Kong, China" tie li inspector (chan), in two successful multinational task combination again, this time in a more difficult task. And this time the new task will be two to distant European charm - in Paris. And this time their opponents also more powerful -- in the world powers of huge under-society organization "triads. The underworld gang often with evil drug trade, and the exorbitant profits of "international police will have strong challenge. But a will have happened in Paris, New York, Los Angeles and trade war against drugs, during a race of nature is little not with a bloody fight cruel...
The film's first two I didn't look down... Really think is waking, this Hollywood + Hong Kong finally insisted down... It's not a bad idea.
The main scene in Paris, I like this place, very quiet.
In the middle of the dance club, there is very beautiful...
Finally they catch a French flag from glittering raffaele tower on the fly down... It is too beautiful... But the two is... No romance in...
Of course, the film is a funny movie Jackie chan. The inside of the taxi driver was a laugh, he and his wife that it is really a classic quarrel.
"I have not previously I!"
"Getting! Will you tell me you into a gay!?"
That Jane wei "fu (seems to be the name meshach, namely" star ") off when the carter immediately wigs that duchy ah... "Oh, I am brokeback carter?!" Ha ha ha ha ha...
Anyhow, this is typical of Hollywood movies, but family + HongKong watching very LeA..
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