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Features of RaidenMAILD:

- EASY for everyone
- Smart SMTP Relay
- Server Relay (for incoming mails) / SMTP routing table (for outgoing mails)
- IP Address restriction
- Subject title/ Conent/ Attachment filtering with normal comparison/ Advanced PCRE comparison
- Disk Quota Restriction
- Unlimited domains to single IP
- Starts with NT Service via ServiceAgent - Service Installer / Health monitor
- Automatic email re-sending mechanism
- SMTP /POP3 restriction options
- Event Logging to screen, disk file, and analyser are available!
- Web-based Remote Control System
- Multilingual Web Mail System
- Web Mail customization
- Dynamic IP re-assignment
- Automatic mail footer for mail messages
- Mailing list
- E-mail forwarding
- Automatic mail replying
- Backup all incoming/outgoing mails for monitoring purpose in corporations
- Event Processor
- Memory optimization
- Mass mail sending
- SMTP Auth
- Online registration
- DBMS support
- Password reset mail mechanism
- SSL transmission
- Multi-POP for external mailboxes
- ICQ / MSN Center provides real-time contact service
- Integration with Active Directory
- Anti-spam mechanisms
- RaidenMaild Http Interface (RMHI)
- Dual SMTP services
- Alias mail mapping
- Spam Mail Report
- Firewall

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